Every restaurant in the world should invest in good marketing strategies.

Today, restaurant marketing has become much more complicated. Not just because of technology, but digital marketing as well.

That’s why restaurant marketers and promoters face challenging issues to cope with the competition. Hungry customers now have so many options to choose from way beyond location and tastes.

But, wisely navigating through the new marketing reality is overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have your own marketing team to fully focus on the right efforts.

So, we’ve come up with a list of the top restaurant marketing hacks that have the greatest impact on bringing in more customers!

Why Do Restaurants Need Digital Marketing?

Regardless of the business, digital marketing is fundamental to reach new customers and keep your current customers.

Restaurants and F&B businesses especially need this even if they already get a lot of customers daily.

Frankly, digital marketing helps maintain the brand identity of a restaurant and gives people an idea of the quality you offer.

Beyond that, the following are some other benefits of digital marketing for restaurants:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Share fresh content
  • Inform latest updates
  • Offer promotions easily
  • Handle online feedback

What are digital restaurant marketing strategies?

  1. Enhance Google Business Platform
  2. Personable Email Marketing
  3. Responsive Live Chat
  4. Instagrammable Dishes
  5. Local Online Ads
  6. Retargeting Ads
  7. Improve Restaurant SEO
  8. Online Menu Design
  9. Collect Guest Data
  10. Social Media Engagement

1. Enhance Google Business Platform

If you don’t have a Google Business account for your restaurant, get out of the rock and make one!

Now that you do, take advantage of what the platform has to offer. One of them that we find extremely liked by customers is the reservation option.


You even have the option to set up your own booking provider for a more seamless experience through your online presence. Find out more here.

2. Personable Email Marketing

We all receive the occasional emails from restaurants that we only open for special offers. But it’s not a good idea to give out promotional deals all the time.

One good rule of thumb is to never send out general emails that will just hit new levels of exit rates. Keep it breezy and personal to each customer.

How? You can simply create email marketing that is relevant to customers by combining your customer data with email marketing automation.

3. Responsive Live Chat

Do you remember the last website you visited that didn’t have a live chat? If you do, it’s probably a really outdated website.

Basically, people will have direct access to your restaurant with a human touch if your designated staff operates your live chat. Potential diners can ask questions, and you can take bookings directly from the chatbox.

Certainly, it’s a great way for customers to interact with you which your competitors probably aren’t doing.


4. Instagrammable Dishes

If you open up Instagram, pictures of food that get the most engagement and likes are all ‘Instagram-worthy’. Even a McDonald’s cheeseburger can get immense traction with the right angle and filters.

Generally, the concept is that the plating and presentation encourage people to take photos and share them online, particularly on Instagram.

By taking pictures of Instagrammable dishes, you are creating organic user-generated content to spread the word rather than spending money on advertising.

If you get it right, is a highly effective marketing strategy that can create a viral effect for your restaurant.

5. Local Online Ads

A vast majority of your customers are from your local neighborhood, obviously. So, you will want to invest in digital marketing that focuses on your local region.

You can geo-target your campaigns through your online ad platforms. Simply enter your city or postcode in the ad platform and the system will only target people located nearby.

Geo-targeted online ads for restaurants are essential if you want effective marketing fast. So make sure the geo-targeting feature is enabled when you’re running online ads.

strategy for food business

6. Retargeting Ads

Another clever way to advertise your restaurant is with retargeting ads. Briefly put, retargeting ads is a system that shows your ad to people who have visited your website but haven’t made a purchase.

It is basically a powerful follow-up method to website visitors that don’t convert. When done right, it is a helpful nudge for them to buy from you.

Although it may take some time to set up, but once done, it is very powerful. Possibly the best.

7. Improve Restaurant SEO

Did you know that people across the world search ‘restaurants near me’ 20 million times a month?

Hence,  a smart restaurant marketing strategy includes how you people find your restaurant online through these types of local searches. Restaurant SEO is super beneficial in the long run if you wish to dominate your competition.

However, it is a tricky subject to master and maintain. Some pointers we find that can help are to update your Google Business profile, optimize your website’s NAP information, and optimize your website pages with restaurant SEO.


8. Online Menu Design

Let’s be honest, people who go through your website often look for your menu. Since it is the most visited page on your website, you’ll need to add this to your marketing strategy.

Firstly, make sure it is easy to read and designed well so visitors are inclined to order or make a reservation.

Additionally, keep it mobile-friendly so people can read it on their phones.

9. Collect Guest Data

It goes without saying that collecting guest data can transform your restaurant marketing strategy.

You can easily keep track of how often they visit you, their preferences, and the dates of key events.

With customer data collected in your CRM, you can send customers targeted marketing which has a higher chance of success compared to random messages.

Although you can automate this, it is vital that you keep it personable since visitors are expecting such service now more than ever.

10. Social Media Engagement

While your regular social media feed highlights the best aspects of your restaurant, stories show the day-to-day vibes such as intriguing kitchen prep or creative FAQ videos.

Another way to utilize social media is by reposting your customers’ content to show that you value and appreciate them.

If you can afford it, one restaurant marketing hack is influencer marketing. Invite an influencer for a free dining experience and they’ll share it on their social media to their followers.

However, you need to consider influencers that really fit your brand and who have a large following.


What is the best marketing strategy for restaurants?

All in all, restaurant digital marketing is super helpful to bring in more food-lovers and keep them for good.

Hence, that concludes our restaurant marketing tips. Hopefully, you’ll be able to put these restaurant marketing ideas to good use!

But, if you need marketing assistance or you simply don’t have enough time, shoot us an inquiry so we can give you expert advice on smart digital marketing solutions.

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