three sisters

Three Sisters – Manufacturer of Healthy and Filling Breakfast Beverages

Three Sisters is a brand fully owned by TKT Holding Sdn Bhd, manufacturing premium quality healthy breakfast cereal beverages and aromatic instant coffee mixes. We know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, it is important to consume only healthy and filling breakfast to power through the day. Therefore, we aim to [...]

Grace Cup – Distributor of the Highest Quality Vegetables and Fruits

Grace Cup, being a distributor of the highest quality vegetables and fruits, aims to provide their customers with fresh produce that is much healthier and delicious. Grace Cup is the market leader in Compost Grown Vegetables in Malaysia. Compost grown vegetables taste better and are rich in nutrients. Thus, their vegetables and fruits are of [...]

Sincerely Vegetarian – Plant-based Vegetarian Food

A plant-based diet is no longer just for vegetarians. The appeal for plant-based vegetarian food is growing beyond ethical reasons, as consumers seek a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. Since 1991, Sincerely Vegetarian has been committed to creating delicious and quality gluten plant-based vegetarian food products for all to enjoy. They believe that a healthy diet [...]