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Confront Critical Industry Issues Head-On

The food and beverage manufacturing industry has a range of challenges that significantly impact various aspects of your SME & MNC operations.

  • Production Disruptions

Failure to comply with labeling rules will disrupt production and cause delays for necessary regulatory fixes.

  • Product Recalls

You risk product recall if you have label issues, which may impact production, distribution, and your reputation.

  • Quality Control

Without food lab testing can endanger your consumer’s safety, damage trust, and have negative effects on your business’s success.

  • Competition and Differentiation

Not following industry standards weakens your competition and differentiation, risking legal issues and consumer trust.

  • Channel Conflict

Non-compliant labeling can impact relationships with distribution channels, causing issues in your product availability and market presence.

  • Evolving Technology

Not adapting to digital marketing prevents effective integration of new advancements and staying competitively relevant.

In today’s landscape, businesses must adapt to dynamic conditions.

To thrive, planned flexibility is crucial for meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Foodipedia empowers you to establish and execute proactive planning strategies, ensuring sustained success.

Tackle the Challenges of Modern Food & Beverages Manufacturing

From Assembly Line to Bottom Line

Proactive Production Management

We streamline label compliance procedures for seamless production and regulatory adherence, stay updated to catch labeling issues early, and foster productive collaboration.

Master Label Compliance

Our labeling verification process ensures compliant product distribution, reducing errors and improving operational efficiency for a strong brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Proven Product Quality

We partner with an internationally accredited lab to enhance your product safety, authenticity, and nutritional accuracy to instill confidence in your consumers.

Market-Leading Strategies

We help you highlight unique product attributes while meeting industry regulations that differentiate your products, fostering consumer loyalty and boosting your SME & MNC market success.

Streamlined Channel Coordination

We improve relationships through clear labeling communication, provide resources for standards implementation, and offer labeling technology that meets diverse channel needs.

Strategic Digital Marketing

Our customized strategy resonates with your brand and target audience by mindfully crafting your digital marketing tactics to keep your brand competitive in the digital realm.

Get Expert Industry Advice at Every Stage


Label Development



We Go Above and Beyond

Foodipedia has the industry expertise to provide these services below and beyond

  • Mandatory food labeling
  • Updated regulation changes
  • Made in Malaysia product label compliance
  • Import/Export label compliance
  • End-to-end label development
  • Professional product photography
  • Ingredients appropriation]
  • Food additive coding
  • Food lab test and analysis
  • Applicable nutrient content claims
  • Packaging material resources
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Upscale marketing channels
  • Import/Export advisory

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Hariati Aini Mohd Hashim
Hariati Aini Mohd Hashim
The class I joined was very informative. Hugo and Syaza was very helpful and resourceful. Looking forward to use their services soon.
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Pokyah Lopek
Customer service good and always update with customer
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Cikgu Ali
Fast action.. i got barcode not even 24hr after payment.. eventhough they give me 7 days max.. tq very much..
received a quick response after asking inquiry. Do provide detail information and solution.
Ms Syaza is very helpful and knowledgeable, would definitely look forward to work with them. Thank you team!
nice services,
Holifarm Enterprise
Holifarm Enterprise
Good service and guidance from Foodipedia .
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Decker Swee
best service ever and value for money
Jane's Recipe
Jane's Recipe
Really helpful,thank you.
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michelle thong
Engaged the team on labelling solutions. Syaza consistently delivers excellent service, showcasing patience in attentive listening and demonstrating exceptional helpfulness in offering effective solutions.