How to Increase Packaged Food Sales with Food Packaging

Food packaging does not only protect the product, but it is also an excellent marketing tool to increase sales. This is because food packaging can influence your customer purchasing decision.

Before customers decide to buy a product, they are most likely to look at the packaging first. If they like the packaging, the chances for them to buy your food product are higher.

Therefore, it is important to make a good first impression with high-quality product packaging. Let’s get into how to package and sell a food product.

Increase Sales with Food Packaging

So, if you’re planning to sell packaged food products, here is how packaging can increase sales.

Grab attention

One of the purposes of packaging is to attract attention so that people will buy the product. Therefore, when designing a product packaging, make sure it has attention-grabbing qualities.

Experiment with different colors, textures, and shapes to make your product stand out among others.

Consider your competitors

Whether you’re selling your food product online or in grocery/retail stores, it is a good idea to keep your competitors in mind when designing your packaging.

Your packaging design may look good by itself but when it is among other brands, will it look as good? Will it stand out on a crowded shelf?

Review your competitors’ products and see if you can improve your packaging to make it stand out more.

Highlight product name

The product name should always be highlighted on the front of the packaging. This will give the consumers a clear idea of what your product is about.

Additionally, choose a name that describes your food product well when selling packaged food.

Include selling points

Display unique selling points of your product on the packaging. Basically, it’s like telling the customers why they should pick your product.

Think about how your product is different from your competitors? How is it unique?

For example, you could say that your product is made from 100% natural ingredients. However, not all claims are permitted in Malaysia. So, make sure your claim complies with the Malaysia Food Regulation 1985.

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How to Increase Packaged Food Sales with Food Packaging

Show actual product on your food packaging

Customers love to see what they’re buying. It is a good idea to show the actual product on the packaging.

You can show the product through packaging that has a window. However, be careful not to show any unpleasant parts of your product such as crumbs or broken pieces.

Suggest usage ideas and recipes

Feel free to add usage ideas for your product. Let’s say you’re selling a sauce, you could say that it can also be used as a marinade or dressing.

If the space permits, you can include short recipes. These will show your product’s versatility, thus making it more attractive and worth it.

Reference to other products on your food packaging

If you have other products or flavors in line, you can put a reference on your packaging. This will tell your customers that you have other varieties that they might also like.

Make it brief

Too much information is never good when you’re packaging food for sale. In fact, it can be overwhelming. You would want to make it easy for your customers to skim through all the information on your packaging.

So, avoid long paragraphs and keep them straight to the point as much as possible. Plus, make sure all the information is displayed clearly and organized.

Encourage repeat sale

The customer finally bought your product but it doesn’t end there. Good food packaging will be able to retain customers.

While they’re consuming your product, they might re-read the package. This will strengthen the emotional connection and therefore, they will most likely still buy your product next time.

How to Increase Packaged Food Sales with Food Packaging

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