What You Need For Your First Food Product Packaging

Are you just starting a business or thinking about it? You must be thinking of your food product packaging too.

If you do it right the first time, you don’t have to trouble yourself to redesign your packaging. 

Once you’ve finalized your recipe, follow this guide to create your first food product packaging.

Why You Need Good Food Product Packaging

Anyone can design food packaging but without the right knowledge, it won’t follow the labelling rules.

Of course you can still sell your product, but it may not be as successful compared to a compliant label.

If you have a compliant packaging label, you can get the following benefits:

  • Easily retail your product
  • Sell your product safely
  • Competitve edge from other sellers
  • Low risk of being fined during enforcement activities
  • Accurate information for customers

How to Design Your First Food Product Packaging

When your first design complies with the labelling rules set by the Malaysian Regulations 1985, you can easily cut costs for the future.

Here, we’ll share with you tips on what you need for your first food packaging.

Front Label

The front label is where all your main information should be since it is what customers first see.

Apart from a good design, you need to include the following label content:


For all products made in Malaysia, the packaging must have Bahasa Malaysia for all compulsory content we’ll list below. Other languages are optional if you wish.

Brand Name

Although not compulsory, if you already have a confirmed brand name, it is good to present it on your front label. This helps consumers differentiate between similar products and recognize their favorite brand.

Product Name

Your product name should be as accurate as possible to avoid misleading your consumers. It should have the real name of your main ingredients without any vague details.


Most sellers prefer to display their product on the packaging. However, you should note that some illustrations need a disclaimer, either ‘SERVING SUGGESTION’ or ‘SUGGESTED RECIPE’ nearby the picture.

Net Weight

The net weight/volume of your product helps consumers compare prices and nutritional value. However, it must be accurate so +/- is not allowed.

Highlight Points

Since customers look at your front label first, you can include your product’s best features. This will increase chances of sales since you will successfully attract your target market.

What You Need For Your First Food Product Packaging

Back Label

The back label is usually reserved for more descriptive content. It is so consumers can decide confidently on buying your product.

Nutrition Information Panel (NIP)

Most products on the market require nutrition facts information. Do note that nutrients quantity can only be confirmed by a certified laboratory. We can help you.

Product Ingredients

You should list every ingredient in your food product by descending weight with their real names. Do note there are also other crucial requirements you need to follow.

Manufacturer Details

Every product should put the manufacturer name and address on the label. This is so consumers know your company information to increase their confidence in your business.

Create Your First Food Packaging the Right Way

All food products should have compliant labeling for the sake of consumers.

We at Foodipedia are well aware of this which is why we provide compliant labeling solutions and packaging design to help food businesses.

If you are looking for a professional packaging designer, we help you through it all.

Want to work on a project with us? Get in touch for more information!

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