Why You Should Redesign Your Food Packaging

Your food packaging should not be an oversight.

Most sellers focus on creative food packaging design, especially startup businesses.

Although there is nothing wrong with this, food packaging is more than the design.

It should be informative for the consumers and compliant with the regulations.

Importance of Good Packaging Design

One way you can have a competitive edge is by creating a packaging design that consumers will appreciate.

When you have packaging with essential content paired with a good design, you can convince a consumer to purchase.

Food packaging design matters for many reasons, but here are some we believe are the most crucial.

Accurate Product Description

People want to know exactly what they are buying before they pay for it. Anything vague or misinformative can cause serious problems.

Hence, it is important to describe your product as accurately and clearly as possible.

For example, if you’re selling caramel-flavored popcorn, it should state exactly that instead of descriptions such as ‘Krazy Karamel Popcorn’.

Accurate Illustrations

If you intend to create a packaging design with illustrations or photos, it should be related to your product.

If you sell dried mushrooms, don’t display mushroom stir fry unless you include a ‘SERVING SUGGESTION’ or ‘SUGGESTED RECIPE’ nearby the picture.

This way, customers don’t misunderstand or wonder about exactly what they are buying.

Why You Should Redesign Your Food Packaging

Accurate Net Weight

On every food packaging label, there should always be a net weight of the product.

Although you may think an estimate is enough, this is crucial for consumers who want to make an informed decision.

Beyond comparing prices, they can also count the exact nutrient content by referring to the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP).

Accurate Nutrition Facts

Almost every food product on the market should have nutrition facts on the packaging label.

It lets buyers who are health-conscious aware of the contents of what they’re eating.

However, you would need the services of a certified lab to analyze your product for the exact nutrient details.

Accurate Ingredients

Although usually displayed at the back of the packaging, it may be the most important content of your label.

You should be as detailed as possible by listing each ingredient with its actual name.

It is also compulsory to clearly state whether your product has alcohol, pork, and/or allergens.

Your Food Product Needs Correct & Creative Packaging

Combined with compliance, your food packaging redesign will definitely stand out from your competitors.

No matter how creative your packaging may be, consumers won’t buy them unless they have the information they need.

The packaging label content listed above are major requirements but there are others that depend on your product.

That’s why you need a professional food packaging designer like us to help you to redesign packaging.

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