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These packaged food solutions are super helpful to grow your business.

However, there are only a few food industry consultancy agencies that offer complete services.

Here at Foodipedia, we have just what you need to sell your products better.

Let’s get into our solutions and strategy to improve your packaged food sales.

Custom  Packaging Design

Food packaging is the first thing customers see when they buy from you. They buy with their eyes first.

If you’re a startup, a sticker label might be your best choice because it’s convenient and low-cost.

However, if you want to grow, you’ll need a better packaging design to really set you apart from other small businesses in Malaysia.

Our team works closely with you to design a custom-made packaging design that is up to the food industry standards.

Food Regulation Review

In Malaysia, every food for sale must follow The Food Regulations 1985.

So before you reach a wider market, you need to make sure your food packaging and labeling strictly comply with the rules.

It is a very lengthy document filled with hard-to-understand terms that may overwhelm you.

This is the main reason why we want to help you by offering a food regulation review.

What is a food regulation review?

Our food regulation review service is to make sure your food label follows the latest Food Regulations in Malaysia. We also provide a clear report so you know exactly what you can improve.




Food Label Consultation

A food label is more than just your logo, product name, and ingredients.

Although it’s understandable for small businesses, you should invest in the correct food labeling practices.

Especially if you’re seeing a growth in sales, having a legitimate label not only looks good but it protects you from potential fines.

What is a food label consultation?

Our food label consultation is the service we provide after reviewing your label according to the Food Regulations. We guide you through the rules you need to follow to have a correct label. 



Product Label Details

After noting down everything we need to know about your product, we structure the details according to the standard format.

Aside from the usual label details, we offer complimentary product descriptions to add to your label.

This is one sample that we recently did for our client. Although it isn’t compulsory, your customers will surely appreciate this info about your product.



The most common barcode type in retail is the 12 digit UPC-A (Universal Product Code) or 13 digit EAN-13 (International Article Number). For food products in Malaysia, the primary barcode format is EAN-13.

But do I need a barcode?

Today, sellers must have barcodes on stocked items to organize ordering, pricing, sales figures, point of sale, and inventory.

Here at Foodipedia, we help you through the process of acquiring barcodes for all your products.

Good to know

Barcodes beginning with 955 are licensed by GS1 Malaysian branch. However, it doesn’t mean the product is “Made in Malaysia”. It is simply to avoid duplicate barcodes worldwide.



Nutrition Facts

Most of the inquiries we get daily are related to nutrition facts. Basically, it is one of the primary packaged food solutions we offer without fail.

Also known as the Nutritional Information Panel (NIP), it should contain the quantity of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, total sugar, and sodium. However, you can also test for other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Foodipedia has been closely working with a top licensed food testing lab in Malaysia to help you skip the hassle. We are fully capable to cater to your needs including having our trusted runner collect your food sample (100-150g) to send to the lab.


Did you know?

Although legally compulsory, not all foods require a nutrition facts label.


Packaged Food Solutions to Help Boost your Business

Food packaging and labeling are complicated, especially for small business owners who are just starting.

It is the main reason we offer complete packaging and labeling service for food businesses with your tight budget in mind.

Need more food business tips? We’re the food marketing agency in Malaysia that works with you to elevate your business level!

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