Malaysian Made Kombucha Brands in Malaysia

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a type of fermented tea that is mixed with sugar, bacteria, and yeast.

It is made by forming a kombucha culture with bacteria and yeast which is then added to sugar and tea.

Once fermented, the drink is rich in probiotics, antioxidants, B vitamins, amino acids, and low in calories!

List of Kombucha Brands in Malaysia

1. GutYourCha

GutYourCha is a brand under the brewery company Powwow Marketing. They released 7 refreshing flavors so it’s easy to find your favorite.

Find more information here.

2. ChaCha

Brewed and bottled in Malaysia, ChaCha Kombucha was founded by a plant-based chef and fitness trainer passionate about healthy living.

Their line of flavored kombucha is made with natural ingredients and zero preservatives to bring out the true taste of kombucha.

Malaysian Made Kombucha Brands in Malaysia

3. MSC

Founded in Penang, MSC Kombucha makes their kombucha using locally grown ingredients in support of the community.

With 6 flavors, they aim to promote a fizzy drink with less sugar and to create an alternative choice over soft drinks and alcohol.

4. The Cool Juice

The Cool Juice is a company that specializes in creating cold-pressed juices that are 100% fresh, raw, and pure.

Their line of kombucha tea, Uniiq, and Kampung Jar tastes just like soda yet has amazing health benefits.

5. Wild

The brand Wild Kombucha has 16 flavors of kombucha tea, even a coffee-flavored kombucha.

What’s special about their brand is they promote sustainable methods by limiting single-use packaging where customers can refill and recycle empty bottles.

Malaysian Made Kombucha Brands in Malaysia

Top Kombucha Brands Made in Malaysia

Although kombucha drinks are relatively new and have an acquired taste, many kombucha brands in Malaysia are growing in popularity.

With the rising health awareness among young adults, kombucha is surely a fast favorite for many.

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