Design your RTE (ready-to-eat) food products to outshine your competitors

Follow the best food product packaging requirements to expand your food business in 2021.

Is your food product packaging not up to the 2021 trend? And are you not doing anything about it? Think again.

Your Ready-To-Eat (RTE) food products need a new face if you want to experience bigger business revenue in 2021. Remember, you gotta outshine your competitors for your consumers to constantly choose you over everyone else!

Design your RTE Food Product Packaging – Version 2021

As the years pass, you need to be aware of the updates and trends being set to market food products because the hype and marketing approach constantly change. If you are not following the updated trends or rules, you might be considered unreliable or even breaking the regulations.

So, to always be on the safe side do be mindful of the updates to instil in your food business and RTE food products as well as the packaging.

Here is some information you need to pay attention to in regards to designing your food product packaging:

food product packaging

Designs on the label

Packaging differentiation calls attention to individual brands in many ways.

So, by associating unique characteristics with your food product packaging you can instantly create recognition and authority within your niche. It then leads to higher sales since visibility and credibility rise.

So, speaking of the designs on the product label, the best way to stand out on shelves is to incorporate attractive colours and graphics. Also, use only not more than 3 colours (1 primary colour, 1 secondary, 1 tertiary).

Many brands establish themselves through colour recognition. So, get graphics with a set of colours to make your packaging look outstanding. Think out of the box and do some research on the design sense.

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The best is to be consistent with the images, colours and shapes of the products and the packaging. If you were to display images or graphics of the product, you should have them in the right sizes and shapes at all times. This is included in your marketing materials as well. Just for additional input, there are font size and white space requirements you need to fulfil as well when designing your food packaging. 

You can also consider the shapes of your packages. For instance, dietary supplements can be packaged in dumbbell-shaped jars or plastic packaging to shine out the creativity and take advantage of the psychological effect of consumers.

Content on Food Packaging Label

As much as you want your food packaging’s first-look to be attractive, there are information and content that you require to display to comply with The Food Regulations 1985 set by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia.

Regardless of what Ready-To-Eat food products you sell, your product information plays a significant role in creating sales.

How do you outshine your competitors?

Pay attention to this information in order to outstand among your rivals in the industry:


If your business is growing and becoming more and more viral, it is essential that your product is established rightfully as chances for frauds is potentially high. On a worst-case scenario, you could even be terminated from your creation of packaging and sued for forgery despite owning the brand first. Hence, the importance of trademarks.

Food labelling

Brand logo

Keep in mind that the design of your RTE food packaging logo should be able to convey the essence of your brand that tags along with an appropriate choice of style that suits the nature of your business. You can even choose between wordmarks, brand marks, a combination of both, emblems or letter marks as a trademark for your brand.

Also, business names are a powerful tool for logo creation. The reason being, it typically tells the complete story of the nature of your business with a single image or word.

Product information

Another part that is vital for an evident display of your RTE food brand is the basic product information on the packaging. This also includes the sizes and position of logo, certifications, short descriptions of the product and design of the logo.


Also, pay attention to the language your food packaging needs. A locally manufactured food must be labelled in the national language, Bahasa Malaysia and then you may include the translation if necessary. Also, the product name in Bahasa Malaysia must be in bigger font size with selling points highlighted to attract customers.

Food Quantity

You need to display your food quantity in your food product packaging. And they can be either in net weight, volume or number of the content stated.

Ingredients on Food Packaging

Ingredients are the biggest part of food packaging. It easily builds customers’ trust and how they perceive your products and brand as a whole. So, displaying ingredients on your food packaging encourages transparency and trustworthiness to your consumers. On a side note, there are many more lists of ingredients alongside their detailed requirements that you need to adhere to. Such as sensitive ingredients and nutrition facts that can educate consumers on what they consume.

Other details on food product packaging
  • Manufacturer
  • Expiration Date
  • Instruction to prepare food

food product packaging

Halal or MeSTI Certification on Food Packaging

Are these certifications necessary for your food product manufacturing? Find out now.

While kick-starting your RTE food business, you can begin applying to get MeSTI logo certification from the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The only reason you need to get this logo certification for your food product is to ensure they comply with the full basic hygiene spectrum requirement, just so your food is proven safe for consumers.

You can even apply it via the Domestic FoSIM website or download the forms online. What’s left is to complete the form and submit alongside supporting documents the State Health Department or District Health Office for verification. The best part is that you need not require any fees.

Halal certification, on the other hand, is a little more advanced from MeSTI logo in which your food will be known to be safe for usage worldwide. So, if you are in the plan to apply the MeSTI certification, we suggest you look through the requirements for Halal by JAKIM as well so you can save more time and energy at one go.

However, Halal certification requires a fee depending on your annual revenue. So, you can always take your time to expand your food business but prepare for them as early as you can.

Food Packaging Material

Food packaging material is very important, especially in the RTE food manufacturing industry. Being all pretty and attractive alone is not all. Your food packaging needs to be functional and help sustain the food quality for a long period of time. So, remember to free your packaged food from contamination and support its shelf-life while grabbing your customers’ attention.

Different types of food products require different packaging.

It is best that you study on them and consult the professionals on it before deciding.

Some of the common packagings that are used for food products:

  • Paper box
  • Plastic bag
  • Foil bag
  • Glass
  • Aluminium

Revamp Your Food Product Packaging in 2021

Your RTE food products not only need you to digital marketing but also stand out on shelves so your consumers stay loyal to you. So, upgrade your food packaging designs, get advanced digital marketing campaigns done and keep improving the quality of your product.

Consistency and details are keys for every food product packaging design as well as marketing strategies. 

So, consider hiring a food packaging designer buddy for your food business to reach your full market potential.

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