Top Brands that Sell Vegetarian Products in Malaysia

Over recent years, the rise of vegetarian products has proven that veganism has made its mark in Malaysia.

Many have converted to veganism to improve their health, save animal lives, and care for the environment.

Since the rise, plant-based products are made accessible, especially in KL and Selangor.

Here, we have compiled the top brands that sell vegetarian products on the market.

List of Brands That Sell Vegetarian Products

Sincerely Vegetarian

With the realization that vegetarian foods are much better than meats, Sincerely Vegetarian wanted to create plant-based foods that followed the pace of the times.

They have produced vegan food that reaches the ultimate in taste, taste, and shape. Their innovative ways use the characteristics of gluten to make barbecued pork, chicken, braised sausage and braised duck, etc.

There are also high-quality shiitake mushrooms used to make lean meat, and beans are used to make fish-related vegetarian food.

Want to try? Head over to Sincerely Vegetarian.

Phuture Foods

Phuture planet-friendly food is made entirely out of plants and quality ingredients that taste good for everyone.

They create a variety of plant-based products to reinvent the meaty experience in most cuisines without compromising the nutrients and taste.

Their product line includes plant-based ‘meat’ such as patties, minced meat, and chicken.

Top Brands that Sell Vegetarian Products in Malaysia


The founders of Cocova were not satisfied with the artificial, overly sweet chocolates in the market.

So, they started their own line of premium, high-quality, vegetarian dark chocolate snacks and drinks.

Focused on low calories, they are the perfect guilt-free indulgence for every health-conscious consumer.


This husband and wife team share common perceptions about healthier eating habits. 

They have uncovered that a nutritious plant-based diet will lead to positive physical and mental improvements. 

Their products are healthy additives in the form of powders and oils so every food can become superfoods.

The Hive Bulk Foods

Focused on zero-waste, The Hive Bulk Foods is the popular vegan hub for pantry essentials.

Although not all of their products are vegan, most of what they offer is vegan-friendly.

Not only do they sell foods, but their products also include personal care such as bar soaps, deodorant, colognes, and more!

Top Brands that Sell Vegetarian Products in Malaysia

Malaysian Brand Plant-based & Vegetarian Products

Nowadays, brands are much more creative with plant-based products to even attract those that don’t practice veganism.

Say goodbye to the typical stereotype that vegetarian products are not tasty and say hello to the rising demand for plant-based products.

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