Lemo Billie Origins

Producer of 100% pure anchovies powder

Yein Pretty Mama Hub was founded by a budding entrepreneur, Yvonne. She lived in a busy environment surrounded by hard-working people, some of who wouldn’t even have the time to make simple yet delicious food.

Dining in restaurants, ordering food, and takeaways were considered a norm in the hustle and bustle of big cities. She knew it had become her mission to make a product that would make cooking tasty food finally simple.


Pure Anchovy Powder for All

Her Process for Perfection

From a mere idea, Yvonne took it upon herself to make handmade wholesome food to share with others.

She managed to find a reliable supplier of fresh anchovies straight from the fishery in Pangkor. Pulau Pangkor is known as the No. 1 place for quality ikan bilis so that was her advantage.

She cleaned and rinsed each anchovy thoroughly with purified water to ensure there were no impurities before dehydrating them at a low temperature. Then, the dehydrated anchovies are ground into a fine powder.

The fine powder is sifted and checked for any foreign material before Yvonne fills them in a tightly sealed jar that has been cleaned and sterilized for maximum freshness.

Realizing the potential in her product

Not long after promoting her product to close friends and family, word got around, and soon she had regular customers from all around the country, mostly from her Shopee store.

It was an added convenience that each jar of anchovies powder she made could last months which customers really appreciated.

Because of the growing numbers, Yvonne decided it was time to upgrade her packaging. She hired us to professionally design the perfect label to market her product and reach a wider audience.

Taking the extra step to upgrade her product

Not only did she hire us to design a new packaging for her anchovies powder, but we also assisted her in creating a Food Regulation compliant label.

We reviewed all her product details carefully for any violations that could harm her brand in the future. In addition to this, we also gave her helpful suggestions that followed the rules set by the Food Regulations.

After a few revisions, her beloved product was ready to go!


Nutrition facts for health-conscious consumers

One of the regulations was to present a Nutrient Information Panel (NIP) on the product label. Since this was crucial to market her product, we assisted her from sample collection to designing the nutrition facts label on the anchovy powder packaging.

The overall process was quick and smooth with the courtesy of our certified nutrition analysis laboratory in Malaysia. Besides letting her consumers know the nutrient content of her product, Yvonne could use this data to improve her anchovy powder in the future.

Lemo Billie Future Plans

Now sold on retail shelves in Johor!

Once our packaging and labeling project with Yvonne was complete, she had the opportunity to sell her product in a retail store MR SOTONG BENTONG STAR (BENTONG GINGER SUPPLIER) in Bentong, Pahang.

We were very excited to hear the news and congratulated her success selling on shelves.

Now, as a small home-based business, Yvonne is currently focusing on expanding her production to cater to her growing consumer base. 

Therefore, Yvonne has made it her mission to produce more wholesome products and enhance her business with the right marketing strategies.

For more information or to order online, head over to Lemo Billie online marketplace.


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