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Sell Frozen Seafood Online

The pandemic has changed business approaches for all businesses in some way or another.

With occasional lockdowns and restricted movement orders, many people look for sellers who sell frozen seafood online.


Ideal for: All frozen seafood sellers, frozen seafood makers, retail frozen seafood shop owners and other related merchants.

Today, you can sell frozen seafood online in Malaysia regardless of the distance of delivery and without disregarding the freshness of the seafood.

Partner with fishermen

First thing first, you need to look for fishermen for a partnership to get seafood stocked fresh from the sea. So, it’s best if you can run the business with fishermen who catch a variety of seafood and of the sizes you’re looking for.

So, the key here is to know what the demand for seafood is and look for fishermen who can cater to the demand size.

Create an e-commerce website to sell the frozen seafood

The best place to sell the frozen seafood is on your e-commerce website. The reason being, you will only have a single place for any sort of transaction.

You can use other online platforms too such as social media to do digital marketing and direct leads to your website for purchases.

Also, e-commerce is always a better option than online stores such as Lazada and Shoppee because there are less competitors.

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Partner up with delivery services

After setting up an e-commerce shopping cart, the next best thing to do in order to build customers’ trust is to provide cash on delivery to selected locations and offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

For locations further than your capability, you can work together with independent delivery service agencies for long-term partnerships.

Your business will be more in-demand having such advantages and high-end services.

Maintain the freshness of the seafood throughout the delivery

If you’ve started small, then you can always opt to store the sealed seafood in a cooling box. But, remember to store them in the freezer before delivery.

If your business scale is bigger, you can either rent a cooler truck or own one as an investment depending on the amount of profit you make from your business.

Another option would be partnering with cooling transporters to deliver the frozen seafood to your customers.

There are many ways to make things work. You just need to know what mass you’re catering to.

Frozen seafood business needs social media marketing

As mentioned earlier, you can use social media to run your marketing and convert visitors into leads by directing them to your business website.

Social media is definitely one of the best platforms for you to market your seafood products because the buying community is there. But, you also need to identify the right social media platform to reach out to your audiences.

Run Facebook advertisements for your frozen seafood business

Running Facebook ads is important to let people know your business exists and solves their problems. But, don’t run ads without planning.

Target your audience accurately by creating a buyer persona. Analyze and describe their characteristics and financial background. Then, you’ll get the right group of fish.

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Add values by doing content marketing

Lastly, share solutions to the possible problems that your followers are experiencing. That way you get to build your reputation and increase your credibility with your visitors and customers.

Some of the content marketing that you can take up are:

  • Blog writing
  • Email marketing
  • eBooks or downloadable recipes

Your fresh-frozen seafood will make delicious seafood dishes

So, if you’re yet to go online with your frozen seafood business, now is the time to go online and expand your business reach. Hit us up for detailed consultation!

In spite of COVID-19, anyone can run a business online.

On a side note, if you’re looking at proper food packaging for your frozen food, you can reach out to us too. Our designers have the right things to suggest.

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