Founded in the year 2000, Yong Mama Sdn Bhd first sold homemade traditional cookies and freshly baked pastries before selling Yongmama prawn muruku. We began with one simple goal and that is to produce a healthy and tasty local snack for everyone. 

Yong Mama takes pride in using only natural and chemical-free ingredients in our prawn muruku that you can taste with one bite. Our secret recipe prawn muruku is available all over Malaysia through our many distributors with plans to go global soon! 

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yongmama prawn muruku

Yongmama Prawn Muruku

Made from natural ingredients that you can see and taste! Crispiest & Tastiest Prawn Crackers in town.

We are selling a taste from the good old days. Every piece of the prawn cracker is made of years of heart, soul, lots of pride, and with only real ingredients. There are no added preservatives and artificial fillers in our products. Yongmama Bakery uses traditional techniques and premium quality of local sourced ingredients to create a taste of the good old days for our customers. Our number one goal is to deliver food that is real and authentic.

Ingredients: Sea prawn, flour, chili powder, egg, cooking oil, sugar, sesame
Allergy Information: This product contains prawn.
* No preservatives
* Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight

For more information or to order online, head over to Yong Mama Prawn Muruku.


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