Where to Get the Best Duck Products in Malaysia

Duck products when marinated in aromatics and roasted until crispy make an indulgent delicacy.

In Malaysia, roasted duck is an all-time favorite for Chinese Malaysians but is gradually gaining popularity all over Malaysia.

With such growing demand, you need to know where to get the best duck products in Malaysia.

Top 5 Must-Eat Roast Duck in Malaysia

1. Village Roast Duck

With several chain stores in malls across KL and Selangor, Village Roast Duck promises consistent quality.

They prepare their duck in many ways such as their popular Cantonese style and Crispy Aromatic Duck similar to the Peking Duck.

2. Sze Ngan Chye

Located in Petaling Street, Sze Ngan Chye has been selling iconic roast ducks for 60 years!

Don’t be fooled by the tiny hawker cart, the long queue and crowd will stand between your chance to get a taste.

Where to Get the Best Duck Products in Malaysia

3. Restoran Sunrise

Any roast duck lover will rave about Restoran Sunrise, the famed best roasted duck in Klang Valley.

They are quickly booked during celebrations and for good reason. Their family recipe of slow-roasted, succulent, and juicy duck is a total win!

4. Soon Fatt Beijing Roast Duck

They have 3 branches across KL & Selangor serving Beijing-style roast duck cooked until super juicy and tender.

Even foreign celebrities have visited this place which proves they have mastered the skill of cooking undoubtedly delicious duck.

5. Restoran Wing Heong

This place is a hidden gem yet not so hidden with the long queue for takeaways for the selection of traditionally cooked food.

Their signature food is roasted duck rice, roasted pork rice, oil rice, and special soups. The food is certainly worth the limited parking spaces.

Where to Get the Best Duck Products in Malaysia

Halal Duck Products in Malaysia

If you’re a restaurant looking for duck products and parts, Viatak sells high-quality and Halal-certified duck products.

They have a wide range of fresh duck parts and whole duck and cooked selections as well.

If you need a reliable duck products supplier, Viatak supplies quality duck meat and other customized duck parts for your business needs.

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