Top Vegetables and Fruits Suppliers in Malaysia

Fresh and high quality vegetables and fruits are difficult to find

Vegetables and fruits are a staple daily food for their high amount of nutrients.

However, only the freshest and most high-quality produce should be chosen.

Here is a list of Malaysia’s top wholesale vegetables and fruits supplier.

List of the Best Wholesale Supplier of Vegetables and Fruits

1. Grace Cup Group

Grace Cup Sdn Bhd is a worldwide supplier of farm fresh vegetables and fruits in Malaysia supplying industries and end-users.

They originate from Malaysia but have grown to establish subsidiaries and supply their products in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

2. Yow Seng

Yow Seng Sdn Bhd supplies many types of veggies and fruits across Malaysia from their distribution centers in Kuala Lumpur.

Not only do they sell fresh produce, but Yow Seng also supplies tofu, noodles, and other staple groceries.

Top Vegetables and Fruits Suppliers in Malaysia

3. Fruitable

Fruitable Fresh (M) Sdn Bhd is mainly a supplier of fresh fruits imported from Europe, USA, and Australia to the local market.

They are a major supplier for supermarkets, wholesalers, and retailers across Malaysia.

4.  Khaishen

Khaishen Trading Sdn Bhd is a supplier and importer of fruits and vegetables from Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

Not only do they sell produce, but they also have services such as logistics, cool rooms, re-packaging, and more.

5. Ever Fresh

Ever Fresh Cameron Sdn Bhd is a company based in Cameron Highlands, supplying farm fresh produce to consumers.

They are committed to providing a one-stop solution for their produce while making sure their products are of high-quality standards.

Top Vegetables and Fruits Suppliers in Malaysia

Vegetables and Fruits Distributor in Malaysia

Malaysia has a lot of productive farming lands which makes it an ideal place to plant quality greens and fruits.

Although a competitive market, each business has its own unique features that consumers appreciate individually.

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