Top Labeling Mistakes to Avoid for Food Manufacturers

As a food manufacturer, getting your product labels right is crucial.

Labels not only tell consumers what’s in their food, but they also ensure your products meet regulations and avoid labeling mistakes.

By avoiding common labeling errors, you can save money, avoid product recalls, and protect your brand’s reputation. Here’s a guide to help you avoid the most common labeling mistakes.

1. Incorrect Nutrition Facts

Accurate nutrition facts are essential for consumer trust and regulatory compliance. Misleading or incorrect information can lead to serious legal issues and consumer backlash.

Always verify your nutrition data through reliable lab testing. Ensure that serving sizes, calorie counts, and nutrient amounts are precise.

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2. Missing Allergen Information

If you don’t list allergens, people with allergies could get seriously sick. Not listing allergens is dangerous and illegal.

Always list common allergens like nuts, dairy, soy, and gluten on your labels. Double-check your ingredient lists to make sure nothing is missed.

3. Improper Ingredient Listing

Ingredients need to be listed in order of quantity, from the most to the least. If they’re listed wrong, it can confuse consumers and cause regulatory problems.

Carefully review your ingredient list and make sure it’s in the correct order. If you’re unsure, check the guidelines or ask a food compliance expert like us!

Top Labeling Mistakes to Avoid for Food Manufacturers

4. Non-Compliant Label Claims

Claims like “organic,” “natural,” or “gluten-free” have specific rules. Making false claims can lead to fines and damage consumer trust.

Only use claims if you have the proper certification and they meet the standards. For example, only call a product “organic” if it’s certified by a recognized body.

5. Unreadable Fonts and Sizes

Consumers need to easily read your labels. If the font is too small or the text is crowded, important information can be missed.

Use clear and readable fonts and sizes. Make sure there’s enough contrast between the text and background to make it easy to read.

6. Label Compliance Accuracy

Getting your labels right is crucial because even small mistakes can cause big problems. Keeping up with the latest rules ensures your labels are accurate and trustworthy.

Update them quickly whenever there are changes in ingredients or rules to stay compliant and keep consumers confident. We specialize in helping businesses stay on top of labeling rules and update their labels accordingly.

Top Labeling Mistakes to Avoid for Food Manufacturers

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Getting your product labels right isn’t just about following rules, it’s about earning your customers’ trust and keeping them safe.

By avoiding these common labeling mistakes, you can protect your brand, stay legal, and build a loyal following.

But there’s more to labeling than meets the eye. For expert help in ensuring your labels are spot on, consider our professional labeling services. We’ll guide you through the maze of labeling rules, giving you peace of mind to focus on making your products shine.

Remember, clear labels mean happy customers. Let’s make sure your labels are as great as your products!


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