San Seng Lee (Mersing) Sdn Bhd was established in1986 as a rice packaging and trading company. We aim to provide Malaysia a high quality rice while offering a high rate of delivery service to our clients. 

We are honoured to say that with 30 years in the trade, we are now one of the largest distributors and wholesalers in the Southern states, extensively covering the whole of Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan to a wide range of consumer preferences while maintaining an efficient process. We strive to provide high quality rice at a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, San Seng Lee has several main house brands such as Phoenix Jewel and Sukahati range that offer different grades of rice that can harmoniously pair with all kinds of food and dishes that Malaysians love.


  • Gred Super Import Wangi 5%
  • Made In Thailand
  • Soft and Aromatic
  • Our flagship product, perfect for everything, great as a gift, for high end restaurants


  • Gred Super Import 5%
  • Medium and Fragrant
  • Kenduri, premium Malaysian food


  • Gred Super Import Wangi 5%
  • Medium Hard
  • Suitable for family and restaurants


  • Gred Perang 5%
  • Medium Hard and Chewy
  • Perfect for a healthy lifestyle

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