Food Label Review

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  • Clear project timeline
  • 10 label points checking
  • Compliance report (PDF)
  • Food Regulations 1985 (PDF)

**Optional features

          ● For label content ONLY
          ● 30 minutes Phone call
          ● 30 days after-sales services (scheduled call during office hours)

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Food Label Review | Semakan Label Makanan

All food businesses have the responsibility to ensure the labelling on their products is relevant, legally compliant, and meets all the required standards.

Our Food Label Compliance Advisor can assess the following to minimize product liability risks, giving you peace of mind that your product follows regulations before your product hits the shelves.

Food label checkpoints

Our procedure for food label checking

Step 1

Add this item to your cart and make payment accordingly.

Step 2

You will receive an email for order confirmation.

Step 3

Our Food Label Compliance Advisor will contact you to collect your food label.

Step 4

We will send you the compliance report (PDF) within 5 - 7 working days.

How our Food Label Review helps YOU

Sell your food product safely on the market

Ensures your food label complies with the Food Regulations 1985

Use the review report as a helpful reference during enforcement activities

Kindly note that this package only inspects whether your food label information complies or does not comply with the Malaysian Food Regulations 1985. For further suggestions on the label content, take a look at our Food Label Advisory Package.