frozen food business

Frozen Food Business

The frozen food industry in Malaysia is forecasted to expand by 7% for the next 3 years.

Today’s frozen food manufacturers are moving forward and breaking the stereotypes of the one key question often asked, “Are frozen food healthy?”

As much as we’re to surprise you, the truth is that freezing doesn’t make food unhealthy. In fact, it completely depends upon the nutritional content of the food that gets frozen.

Freezing is the most natural way of preserving food without relying on unhealthy artificial preservatives like the non-frozen food products often need.

Here are some of the most common frozen foods in Malaysia.

Raw Frozen Food (Pre-cook) Cooked Frozen Food (Pre-heat/Ready-to-eat)
Frozen meat & poultry Ready meals & desserts
Seafood Finger foods
Frozen fruits & vegetables Bread
Vegetarian soy food products Pasta

As a matter of fact, the frozen food business in Malaysia is experiencing growth after the pandemic hit. With restricted movement around the nation, people are forced to cook and eat at home.

With many of us working from home, we are also managing our families. So, the easiest way out to provide food on the table fastest is by getting frozen food stored in your fridge from the grocery store or online.

So, now is the best time for you to create maximum sales both traditionally and online.

The first step to making big online sales for your frozen food business is by having an updated business website. You are to show an active online presence and build customers’ trust by regularly updating your website.

If you are yet to have one, worry not, there are many web designers to help set up your online store. (Are you looking for an e-commerce website package for startups and SMEs? Click here now).

Now, let’s find out how to generate continuous increased online sales for your frozen food business.

How to increase online sales fast?

  • Connect with your frozen food customers via Whatsapp
  • Directly call customers who enquire
  • Use enquiry forms
  • Provide cooking recipes for customers to download
  • “Claim free vouchers” for first-time purchasers

frozen food business

Connect with frozen food customers via WhatsApp

Create a better relationship with your customers via conversational engagement. More often than not, customers prefer contacting the sales team directly to enquire about the services or products.

Also, statistics have shown that enquiry and conversion rates are the highest via WhatsApp compared to other contact channels on a business website. So, don’t miss your leads from even a single visitor.

On another note, WhatsApp enables you to send greetings and follow up with your visitors. You can also have your website directing your visitors to contact you. For instance, you can have this link ( put on your website and change the contact number to yours.

Have you heard of WhatsApp Business App? It is free to download and is built for SMEs. The app makes it easy for you to personally connect with your customers. 

In fact, you will get to highlight your products and services, answer their questions throughout their shopping experience and automate, sort and quickly respond to messages. This way you can attend to your customers faster and more efficiently. So, take on the change!

Directly call customers who enquire

Have a call button widget on your frozen food online store because customers today prefer getting in touch with you directly to enquire about your products and services.

Being a frozen food business owner, you can potentially get enquiries from customers and business vendors. To make their lives easier, the call button widget on your website will help them to find solutions faster.

Additionally, you get to save their contact details for the next follow-ups.  This way, you don’t lose your customers.

Use enquiry forms

If you think that your website visitors will look for a way to contact you if you publish your email address. You’re clearly off track!

Making an enquiry form sounds like a difficult task but it’s easy with the right form builder plugin.

Your contact form triggers an email message to be generated and sent to your email inbox. Then, you get messages from visitors easily without revealing your email address to spammers.

On another end, your website visitors may directly insert their questions and direct them to you without any emailing hassle. Doing so too is only efficient if you revert back the earliest in a few hours.

frozen food business

Provide cooking recipes for visitors to download

Generate leads, nurture them and enhance your online visibility.

The best thing you can share as a frozen food manufacturer and supplier is the various recipes that go along with the food products you sell.

Your target audiences can be homemakers, restaurant owners and even anyone who love your food products.

By incorporating higher value downloadable content such as recipe eBooks, guides or instructional videos, you gain the opportunity to further engage visitors with your business.

Your food online store is surely raising awareness of your brand and is helping to build your reputation as an industry leader.

“Claim free vouchers” for first-time purchasers

Claiming free vouchers is the best thing every website visitor can have.

It could be free shipping vouchers, discounts on your products or even birthday gifts, everyone loves free things. Doing so creates an opportunity for your site visitors to sign up for the vouchers and purchase products almost immediately.

Adding on, you give them a warm welcome and a chance to enjoy your products at a discounted price. With all the data collected, you can later conduct retargeting email marketing campaigns and make your leads your lifetime customers.

Leverage your frozen food online business

All of the features mentioned are essential to creating a gateway to connect to your customers and leads for the long term. Even the bigshots like Google and Apple do it.

Having an online store is a need to build a business on the internet. And, you do not necessarily need a factory running even if you’re an SME. A website is all you need to start getting mass orders.

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Consistency and problem-solving information are keys for every food business including frozen food products.

So, consider teaming up with a professional digital marketer to reach your full online market potential.

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