The Best Instant Coffee Brands in Malaysia

With so many instant coffee variations, it’s easy to find your favorite.

Coffee is one of the most traded agricultural products in the world. It is no shock since almost everyone needs their daily fix of coffee.

Nothing is better than a cup of hot coffee in the morning to start your day.

Let’s see which instant coffee brands are the best in Malaysia.

List of the Best Instant Coffee Brands in Malaysia

1. OldTown White Coffee

Originating from OldTown in Ipoh, OldTown White Coffee is considered the true white coffee.

The top selling flavor is the Hazelnut which gives the most decadent aroma and nutty taste engulfed in a full-bodied white coffee blend.

2. Ah Huat

A brand owned by the renowned Power Root, Ah Huat makes the best instant kopi-o with sugar.

The flavors are just right for anyone who loves a sweet black coffee that doesn’t irritate your tummy.

The Best Instant Coffee Brands in Malaysia

3. Aik Cheong

Founded in Old Melaka Town, Aik Cheong has a range of local favorite coffee flavors.

Although it is an instant coffee, the best-selling Aik Cheong Cafe Art 3in1 Cappuccino has a rich and foamy texture that you can sprinkle with chocolate granules in each sachet.

4.  Maxhouse Instant Coffee


Maxhouse makes 3in1 rich and smooth white coffee made with premium coffee beans for the most aromatic and deep taste of high-quality coffee.

They even produced a less sugar version of their instant to really bring out the deep bitter taste of coffee.

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5. Three Sisters


Although their multigrain drinks taste heavenly, Three Sister’s Wellscafe coffee brand is a go-to favorite.

Their line of charcoal-roasted coffee and brown rice coffee has a rich and luscious taste that no other instant coffee can replicate.

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6. Naavin

Naavin is a brand under Best Diaries with a wide range of dairy and food products for the local market.

It is a type of instant coffee powder that you can easily make into your favorite coffee. Kopi-O, Kopi Tarik, Kopi Ais, or even a Mocha.

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The Best Instant Coffee Brands in Malaysia

Instant Coffee Brands Made in Malaysia

Malaysia has a lot of coffee brands produced by different cultures.

It is what makes the flavors so unique from international brands.

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