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Business licenses are your Good Friend

The implementation of business licenses and permits has always benefited business owners in some way or another. Especially in Malaysia, business start-ups are well encouraged and the government bodies are ready to guide and support aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart their business journey provided your register under the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

We all know that the bottom line of starting a business, especially a food business is to reach out to a maximum number of like-minded people whose interests are the same and make a profit out of adding values. However, we got to approach it in the right way.  With that said, you must be aware that mistakes and human errors are inevitable and they show up with no symptoms sometimes.

You sure don’t want to risk lives, do you? 

Which brings to the ultimate reason to run, especially your food business lawfully.

So, what do I need to do now?

ssm business licenses

What business licenses are needed to start a food business?

  1. SSM
  2. Alcohol Business Licenses
  3. Business Premise Licenses
  4. Signboard License
  5. Income Tax Business Licenses


Get yourself to the nearest SSM office and register your business with a fee of RM60 at the counter. Also, remember to bring along lists of your business names so you can pick the most appropriate one for your business. 

On top of that, you will need to identify your business structure. Choosing the right one is very crucial because they have different implications for the business. If you are running the business on your own, then you can head with Proprietorship or if you have business partners, you can opt to either PLT/LLP or Partnership. 

alcohol business licenses

Alcohol Business Licenses

There are several alcohol licenses that are available in Malaysia which you can choose depending on your business nature. If you were to open a business premise for real sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption within premises, you can opt for Public House License.

If the business sale has the sole purpose of customer consumption of alcohol within the business premise, apply for the Beer House License. Consumption outside of premise will require Retail Shop License and wholesale liquor require Wholesale Dealer’s License. From the details given, you can now identify the type of alcohol license you will require.

business licenses for premise

Business Premise Licenses

If there is a need for a physical commercial premise for your business, apply for a Business Premise License at the nearest State Authority.

How do I know if I need to have a commercial premise? Consider the size and nature of your food business. If you can run your business from home, you need not think of this hassle.

signboard business licenses

Signboard License

When you have a commercial premise to run your food business, the signboard is crucial, especially for branding purposes. Also, having a signboard for your business needs to follow the given rules and regulations set by the government. Hence, you will need a signboard license to run your business in a rightful manner and with no unnecessary problems.

Signboard and Premise license is needed for all types of businesses in Malaysia for as long as your business needs a commercial premise. The signboard is the nameplate of a business and is called an identity card.

Signboard and premise licenses Malaysia fees of RM2000-RM3000 include the agent and government fees. If your business premise is located in more places, an additional charge will be applicable.
income tax business licenses

Income Tax Business Licenses

You can easily register your business for income tax in a few hassle-free steps. It protects and benefits you, your business and your employees in the long term. You need not head to the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri office to register.

Work easier with eDaftar as you can put in your application online for income tax file, provide supporting documents according to the requirements and receive the reference number within three (3) working days. This is similar for employee income tax applications too.

What is a Food Safety Supervisor?

There is so much more to food business licensing if you did not know. The reason being, every license plays a role in impacting your consumers at different levels. For instance, being certified by MeSTI in Malaysia, your food product is considered trustable and you can expand your business throughout Malaysia.

You go a level higher when later you get certified from HALAL by Jakim. You will be able to penetrate your food business into countries that accept HALAL certified products.

So, in order for your Ready-To-Eat food business to grow bigger, you need to ensure that your business foundation and method of running your business is on the right track. And, for that to happen you will need a Food Safety Supervisor. Especially when it comes to checking on your production process.

What is the role of a Food Safety Supervisor?

  • Being aware of all relevant food safety application to food businesses.
  • Monitor all food handlers to make sure the food handling process is done properly abiding the rules and regulations.
  • Recognise, prevent and alleviate food safety hazards in the food business.
  • Ensure food handlers maintain safe personal hygiene.
  • Ensure wearing of anti slip safety shoes when handling food in commercial kitchen to prevent potential injuiries.
  • Ensure your business’s food safety programme is updated and accurately maintained.
  • Complete required training and hold necessary certifications.

Take Note of the Food Business Licenses in Malaysia

Just a humble reminder to not overlook other general licenses, and the sector-specific as well as activity-specific licenses. Because they play different important roles in keeping your business safe for consumers. Even if you happen to oversee certain aspects. This is especially when your business is expanding into a bigger scale. Otherwise, the mentioned above are all that you need.  

Wonder how to maintain a home based food business in Malaysia?

This video is your go-to resource! Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have a home-based food business, this video is a must-watch for anyone aspiring to thrive in the Malaysian food industry. Discover essential tips and strategies for running your business efficiently, from obtaining permits to ensuring food safety. Don’t miss out on the valuable insights and practical advice shared in this video.


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