Food marketing materials are a must!

It’s already 2021 but you’re only promoting your packaged food on social media? Big mistake.

Here’s your wake-up call – what you desperately need are marketing materials for food that can do the selling for you.

What are the marketing materials?

Marketing materials for your food business also known as marketing collateral are any type of material used to communicate your brand’s message. 

Basically, every business should have at least some marketing material for a better brand image. 

In fact, there are so many other marketing channels for food businesses other than direct selling or social media.


Complete List of Printed Marketing Materials

Even though nowadays consumers prefer finding out about new food products online, printed materials are still beneficial to this day.

After all, the most successful food businesses started off with traditional marketing methods decades ago!


Nestle’s first-ever marketing strategy was to promote their products through banners, packaging, and flyers before they started using digital marketing in the 2000s.

More about Nestle

We at Foodipedia are in the business to help food businesses achieve their marketing dreams with effective types of food marketing.

So here is a complete list of marketing materials you may need to improve your brand image effectively in 2021.

Food Business Company Profile

It may not seem like a food marketing material at first, but it is the most essential and initial document a food business needs.

Certainly, this food marketing strategy can be super versatile to either reach your end-user or even potential investors.

Don’t know how? Here’s how you can write a food business company profile the right way with simple steps.

Product Packaging and Labelling 

No matter how digital the world will become, one thing that will never disappear is your food packaging. 

Even if you have a small budget, creating amazing packaging is pretty simple.

But, once you’ve spiked in sales, it’s best you follow the packaging and labeling guidelines in Malaysia to reach an even bigger market. 

Brochures & Handouts

Say what you like but brochures and handouts of food products are one of the timeless food marketing strategies.

Nonetheless, to steer clear of the trash, make it as presentable and creative as you can.

This means no lengthy words, not too much information, and no bizarre color combinations.

Also, you can print out a QR code on them so customers can get more information on your food product. 

Poster & Banners

How to promote a food product? We’ve all been to pasar malam where countless hawkers sell food and almost ALL of them have some kind of poster and/or banner.

As a result, not only do their regular customers know where to look for them, but newcomers can instantly know what they’re selling.

This applies to packaged food as well. Especially if you’re selling your product in supermarkets, well-designed posters and banners are a quick way to market your product.


Other than your Instagram influencer’s merchandise, food brands can benefit from offering merchandise as well.

Usually, these include shirts, bags, mugs, and more that have the brand’s colors in their design. 

Moreover, they are typically handed out for free during events, product launches, or promotional deals. 

It is one of the food product marketing ideas for customers to have a constant reminder of your brand and attracts new customers as well.


Get Marketing Materials for Your Food Business

Although using this marketing materials list won’t show results as clear as digital marketing, they help really well to represent your brand’s image. 

Nonetheless, consistency is key when food manufacturer marketing assets are involved.

So, consider hiring a marketing buddy for your food business to reach your full market potential.

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